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    Oh yes it’s that time of year again.  The time when we make huge plans to get fit, healthy and wealthy.  Inspiration time.  2010 – kind of a nice sounding year to actually achieve our resolutions.  So how do we make resolutions that we can achieve and feel fabulous about?

    1. Take time to consider your goals

    Avoid making the big bold statements while sitting around a bonfire with a beer in your hand.  Most of us have done this as some stage – and probably not achieved these goals.

    Set aside some time where you have a bit of quiet you time.  Get yourself a nice journal, phone or computer where you can record your thoughts.  You are going to be referring back to this throughout the year.

    Some people find visual boards useful – this is a board or journal where you stick pictures of things you wish to achieve, the big house by the beach, the new car, fabulous clothes, a new sporting toy.  Don’t be shy with this, make the dreams big, if you aim high – you land high.

    1. Choose goals that are real to you

    Select goals that you have been mulling over for a while.  Goals that you have been thinking about are more likely to have some meaning and resonate with you.  These are the ones that you are likely to achieve.  Choose goals that are important to you, not someone else.

    1. Start big then chunk it down

    Start with big goals and then break them down.  Do be realistic in the goals you set.  For example a weight loss goal of 20 kg in 20 weeks is most likely going to leave you disappointed when in week 2 you haven’t lost the next kilo.  Instead set yourself a realistic target of 20kg over the next year.

    Goals should be broken down into short term (1-3 months), medium term (1 yearish), and long term (1 year to lifelong goals).  Again set achievable goals for each term.

    Then chunk it down.  How are you actually going to achieve this goal?  Break it down to smaller steps, this makes it achievable and puts a plan in place.  So it maybe that you will start increasing your water intake to 6-8 glasses a day, eat your 5+ fruit and veges each day, join a dance group, enter a 10km run.  Make each step measurable, i.e. rather than saying “I will eat healthily”, break it down further to “I will trim the fat off my meat”, or ‘I will not add salt once the food is on my plate”.  Tackle each step one at a time.  Become completely comfortable with the first 1-2 steps before moving onto the next.

    Realise that the heady glow of the holidays will be over soon that that these goals need to work with your everyday lifestyle.  Work and commitments to friends and family need to be factored in.

    1. Start the process today

    Make the first step.  Praise yourself with each step.  Recognise that there will be the odd set back, be kind to yourself if there is a wee slip up, we are human.  A set back is not a reason to give up, it is simply that, a little set back, now carry on.  Keep praising yourself about moving forward.

    1. Monitor your achievements

    Keep referring to your goals and achievements.  This is not a once a year event.  Carefully cross each goal off as you have achieved it – this is quite a feeling of accomplishment as you do this.  Take time to bask in the glow of success.  Give yourself a reward with each success.  Each step is one step closer to your big goal.


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