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  • IT Strategic Planning

    For any company, information technology is very important. Information technology systems could provide help to create competitive advantage to a company in the market.

    This could be by providing better customer service, reducing the time required to introduce a new product or services in the market or by reducing operational costs by automating some of the tasks involved in business.

    To become effective in the business field, the company should have stable IT system that is available securely to all people working for the company or over the entire organization working in different locations.

    However, to set up such an IT system requires a lot of money to be spent. Also, there are a lot of choices available regarding hardware, software, network and the services to be utilized by the company. Whenever any IT system is planned, one should keep into consideration the present needs of the company and also foresee the future needs of the company as well.

    A proper balance has to be made between today’s business needs vis-à-vis the future requirements. Also, budget restriction could hinder the proper planning for IT system. The speed of implementation of any plan regarding IT system might become slow because of paucity of funds.

    For any manager to make the right decisions regarding technology and other aspects of IT system would require both experience and understanding. The experience of undertaking similar projects would be helpful along with the understanding of the particular business opportunity that is available now.

    There is always a risk of making wrong decisions. Such wrong decisions could lead to the breakdown of the system that may impact on the operation of the business for a period that could extend to a number days or months. Such wrong decision might lead to poor communication, not able to view critical business information or becoming vulnerable to security risks.

    A competitor company that is able to exploit the technology in more efficient manner could get ahead in business.

    Every company, big or small, requires best advice regarding its IT strategy. But, many small companies cannot afford to employ a Chief Information Officer or even an IT expert.

    A number of companies are there in the market to advise these small companies regarding their IT strategic needs. These companies would provide regularly scheduled maintenance of the system and networks.

    The proper management of the system would lead to reduced possibility of facing common problems involving IT systems due to neglect along with different security issues These companies would also help such small businesses in the planning for their future IT needs.


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