Busting Illogical myths about the iPhone’s battery!

The struggle to make your iPhone’s battery last longer is real. You are not alone in this journey. Almost all iPhone users are constantly trying to ensure that their phone’s battery life lasts longer and so does the value of their gadget. But sadly, everything has a certain life span and even the iPhone’s battery is no exception. So, far this was acceptable. But you would be surprised to know that there are lots of illogical myths floating in the air about the battery life of the iPhone which isn’t at all true.

Never ever believe these myths about the iPhone’s battery!

An iPhone is another smartphone no doubt — but yes, it is a luxury to own this gadget. And every part of this device is expensive and very valuable. That is why even when you go for iPhone repair in Auckland, iRepair, the trusted and certified repairers of Apple gadgets, would suggest you take special care of your device. Their years of experience with these gadgets and experts say that the iPhone can be very sensitive and even its battery is vulnerable to certain damages. But that doesn’t mean that you have to believe every myth associated with the iPhone’s batteries. Let’s delve deep.

  • You cannot use your phone while charging the iPhone — There is a myth going around that when you use an iPhone while it’s charging, the device will blast, and it can be very dangerous. Your device is never damaged that way. Whatever incident caused this damage was perhaps due to the issues in the duplicate charger that was used, or maybe other issues in the electrical system.
  • Charging the iPhone’s battery overnight will damage the gadget — Do you actually set an alarm of say 4:00 AM in the morning just to turn off the switch when your iPhone is on charge at night? Your iPhone is a smartphone – never forget that. So, it very well knows when to stop taking the power from the charging point. This means that when the battery life is sufficient in the device, it automatically stops receiving the electricity flow and there won’t be any damage to your device because of this.
  • If you turn on the auto adjust mode in your iPhone it hurts the battery life — This is kind of silly but people still tend to believe this myth. How can your on-screen adjustment in the phone hurt your battery life? Well, you’ll see lots of people manually adjusting the brightness and other modes in their iPhone devices because they think that it impacts their battery life. Well, this is not at all true and there is no connection between your phone’s automatic settings and your battery.

We know these crazy myths are actually hilarious. But they won’t stop here. You may hear more. But we request you not to believe in any of them and keep your knowledge base solid. 

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