Buying Guide for Home Security Cameras

How much would you pay to ensure safety? Security cameras are more than just a good investment for millions of homeowners and renters. They also help prevent crime.

The best thing about home security cameras are their ability to create a visual deterrent for intrusions and break-ins. You can now monitor your home with video surveillance by simply picking up your smartphone and running a camera through your mobile app.

We have reviewed and tested a lot of security cameras, brands and have kept an eye on the industry’s evolution. Every year we see newer, smarter cameras being released by companies, from floodlight cameras to wired surveillance systems to minimalistic, high-performance devices.

Our experience has shown that security cameras are much easier to use than ever, but it can still be difficult to buy the equipment, especially as newer and more sophisticated technology continues to flood the market.

This guide will help you understand the process of buying a camera. We will cover all aspects of this highly competitive market and the intricacies of the top brands. We’ll help you choose the best cameras for your home, budget, and security needs.

Why do you need cameras?

Cameras are essential. But do you really know why? Before we start the search for a home security camera system, we first research the local property crime statistics. We focus on break-ins and package thefts. These crimes are known to occur, but how often? What is the frequency? What time of the day? What time of the year?

We believe it is not sufficient just to install a video camera and call it good. We recommend that you target your camera purchases to specific threats and concerns.

We might be tempted to buy an Ultra system with 4K Video, but we have just heard that some mischief-making teenagers were tearing through the neighbor’s yard at 4 AM. It might be wiser to get a pair of 1080p cameras with extra lighting and additional lighting.

With the rapid rise in online shopping, which the Covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated we cannot overstate the importance and value of a security camera to monitor your front door.

A recent crime survey found that 1 36% reported receiving a package from their property at least one time. 44% of those surveyed had their package stolen more than once. Only 11 percent of those surveyed said the porch pirate had been caught and the package recovered.

We are always aware of potential problems and vulnerabilities in our home and property and we encourage you to do the same. Whatever your home security needs or preferences, we can tell you that there is a camera that can meet them. Let’s now get to the meat and potatoes.

What do Burglars See?

Although it may sound strange, it is a smart idea to look at your home from the perspective of a burglar. What does this mean? First, consider what burglars look out for. For example, areas with low to no lighting where they can hide and move unnoticed. Any potential intruder will be able to see if there is a camera with motion-activated lighting like the Ring Spotlight Cam.

We have seen dozens of these scenarios and, although we have (thankfully) never been in a burglary, experts warn 2 that it can be devastating and traumatic to discover that someone has entered your home and rummaged through your belongings. This can be avoided by installing security cameras that are inexpensive and easy to use.

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