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    Computer & PC assistance

    Get rid of viruses and technical breakdowns from your computers with our team of computer geniuses at your service.

    Mobile assistance

    From system set-up and upgrade to physical repairs, we have the means to keep your phone running smooth and fast for incredible user experience.

    IT assistance

    Our IT specialists deal in the repair as well as the sale of new equipment like computers and printers intended to ease the working in your office.

    Internet assistance

    Don’t we all hate it when the internet is low or not working at all? Well, gone are such days because we will ensure that your internet connections are fast as lightning.

    Why Choose Us

    Affordable pricing

    Expensive or over-the-top is not the word which will come to your mind when you get an estimate from us because reasonable pricing is one of our strong suits.

    Two-week work guarantee

    If you feel that your gadget isn’t working well even after availing our assistance, we will be happy to fix it for you again for free within 15 days.

    Quick repair

    We don’t take days to return your gadget. One day is enough for us to shape your equipment for satisfactory user experience.

    Payments after fixes

    Our motto is pretty straight-forward- no fix means no payments. Until and unless you are satisfied with the repair, we won’t ask for a single penny from you.

    Experts at your assistance

    We work with masters of technical repairs who evaluate the issue and offer the right solution without wasting your time and money.

    One-day response

    No long queues or days of waiting time is a part of our service. We generally respond and try to complete the service on the same day as your request. No technical phone or computer problem is too big to handle for our experts so call now to book your slot.

    If you are experiencing any problems with your PC, MAC, Server, Internet or Network call us on


    We will diagnose and repair any problem

    We know technology from IT Services we can fix it no matter where you bought.We are here day & night, serving and protecting you by phone in store.

    What Our Clients Saying About us

    “When it comes to finding the right computer service for the time when your PC malfunctions, File Transporter Store is the name I would recommend as they are my go-to choice for all mobile and computer repairs.”

    Hemanshi Trivedi


    “My computer decided to leave me in the middle when I was working on a critical presentation which was due in two days, and that is when I found File Transporter Store who saved the day for me. Highly recommended!”

    Hemanshi Trivedi


    “The serviceman who visited us for internet issues was very humble, and they knew exactly what was wrong. It took them a few hours, and the work was done without any disturbance to my husband and me. Thank you!”

    Mark Bell


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