What Is The Future Of Metal Fabrication: Trends Of 2019

To simply put, fabrication of metal refers to the process of making machines and other structures from metal by various techniques such as cutting, burning, moulding, welding, assembly, etc. And the things made through metal fabrication can range anywhere from architectural structures to simplest cutlery. Apart from a slightly fluctuated economy, the overall state of metal fabrication around the world has been good, especially when you choose the right steele fabrication company for your projects. However, in any area of any industry, the condition can be truly measured by the progress that is being made in the said area. So let us take a look at the progress that is being made in metal fabrication.

Tube Laser Technology

Tube laser technology has shown several manufacturing advantages that result in overall better outcomes than traditional methods of metal fabrication. For instance, tube laser cutting technology produces more precise and closer cuts, thereby increasing the productivity and save assembly downstream. This process can also help in bringing the production costs down substantially.

Production Automation

Process Automation techniques have taken over many industries because of their unmatched, more efficient performance and results. In the metal fabrication industry also, automation tools have produced more precise and near perfect products or parts in much lesser time. This is why automation techniques are slowly making their way all sectors of this business.

3D Printing Technology

3D printing has taken the world by storm with its breakthrough prospects and ever-improving applications in almost every industry from medical to architecture. In the metal fabrication industry as well, 3D printing has displayed a promising future. Metal is printed through a bi-directional printing process by using a large number of jets which spurt millions of droplets concurrently to create a high-resolution layered metal which can be programmed to be fashioned into any desired shape and size.

Reducing costs of additives

Taking down the associated costs of printers can make 3D printing the future of metal fabrication. In fact the only thing limiting the full-fledged adoption of 3D printers in the mainstream metal fabrication market because the cost of a single unit of industrial  printer can reach up to $1 million. And the only way to tackle this issue is through innovation of new technology and mass manufacturing. Also, when the production capacity of these amazing machines will increase, their own cost with naturally come down.

In the end

These were the soaring trends in the metal fabrication industry and everything that you need to know. If you are in this industry or are looking to become a part of it then know that the future is promising and the global metal fabrication market is expected to grow over $21 billion over the next 5 years. The prospects are endless here.

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