Modern Moves – 5 Corporate Trends That Will Take Over In 2021

Hardly a year goes by without a significant change of trends in the corporate and business environment. Whether it’s new tech, changing moods, or new regulations, there’s always something massive on the horizon. 2021 is looking to be no different. As we welcome in the brand new year, a few exciting trends are set to take over. Here are five of the most interesting ones to look out for:  

Changing Workplaces

The way we work has dramatically changed over the years. Businesses were once housed in their own dedicated spaces, but that’s no longer the case. Instead, we’re experiencing the shared office revolution, allowing several small businesses, corporations, and entrepreneurs to share the one space. 

Not only does this way of operating save businesses money, but it allows them to share resources, ideas, and services. Many shared office spaces even offer facilities like eateries, cleaning services, private offices, and car parking. 

Digitization Expectations

At least 29% of businesses say their website needs improvement. Delaying on this vital upgrade could be catastrophic. Modern consumers have high expectations regarding their digital experience. If you’re not online, you’re likely to be missing out on sales. 

COVID-19 certainly accelerated the digital movement. With people being urged by their governments to stay home, they are relying on businesses to offer convenient online access to what they need and want. If you don’t offer mobile ordering, contactless delivery, an eCommerce platform, or a self-service platform, then you may well be left behind. 

Profit, Not Growth

The world has taken a hit, to put it plainly. Over 330 major companies have declared bankruptcy in 2020 alone, and some you may not have expected. Though growth has been the goal for many corporations, that’s unlikely to be the case in 2021. Instead, business owners are looking at their bottom line and putting plans in place to simply make a profit, no matter how small. 

By making even the smallest profit, they can keep their operations running, staff employed, and products and services flying out the door. Growth is a goal for another year.    

Small Business Support

With many small and medium businesses closing their doors for good in 2020, consumers were forced to rethink how they shop. It was sobering to see the many empty shops lining their city streets. 

Rather than purchasing from large corporations, more people are starting to focus on their local economy and the importance of shopping at those small businesses. 

In the coming years, we may see more local business owners feeling supported by their community, which may not have been the case in the past. With that support, the confidence to branch out and grow may bloom. 

Remote Working

Though shared spaces are shaping up to be desirable workplace options in the coming years, remote working is also making its mark. With millions of Americans parking up in their homes with their computers during the pandemic, businesses now see that it’s possible to handle daily tasks without an office space.   

Seeing that possibility, some companies may also decide that virtual workers could be profitable for their business. They can tap into the talents available worldwide, rather than coming up empty-handed in their own backyard. The digital era is well and truly here. 

It’s clear that COVID-19 has accelerated and created trends for the coming news, emphasizing digital. Will you keep up or be left behind? Consider your location options, and see the importance of going digital and focusing on profit rather than growth. The new year is shaping up to be something incredibly unique. 

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