Eco-Friendly Offices: 5 Cutting-Edge Trends in Sustainable Office Design

Many business owners are starting to see the value in sustainable office design. An eco-friendly office can save energy, money, and the environment, all while making employees more productive, happier, and healthier. So, the motivations are clear. 

While there are many desirable reasons to consider a sustainable new office fit-out, that doesn’t make it easier to comprehend what’s involved. To give you a feel for what a genuinely sustainable office looks like, here are a few cutting-edge trends in eco-friendly office design that might pique your curiosity:

Furniture and Fixtures from Sustainable Materials

Hiring a company that specializes in sustainable office stripouts is the first step in reinventing an old work environment. From there, your first move will be to select the furniture and fixtures that will characterize your new space. You might not have the funds to make significant structural changes, but you can at least minimize your environmental impact by purchasing sustainable furniture. 

Fortunately, shopping for environmentally friendly furniture and fixtures is straightforward. Look for certifications like the Forest Stewardship Council and only shop with ethical furniture suppliers. 

Using Recycled Materials

More companies than ever are stating sustainability as one of their primary business goals in the 2020s. Show your employees and clients how dedicated you are to achieving your goals by using recycled materials in your new office fit-out. 

Recycled materials are a leading trend in 2023, with many business owners collecting reclaimed wood, recycled plastic and paper, and sustainable flooring materials to transform their offices. Not only does opting for recycled materials benefit the environment, but it might also save you money during your renovation project. 

3D-Printed Office Accessories

Office accessories have a shockingly detrimental impact on the environment. Something as simple and inexpensive as a drawer organizer is generally manufactured outside the country and shipped to its final destination. So, it drains your sustainability goals before it even gets to you. 

By contrast, 3D-printing objects, also known as additive manufacturing, can cut waste and material costs by up to 90% and reduce energy use by 25% compared to traditional manufacturing methods. Rather than purchasing something manufactured overseas that must then be shipped to your location, consider 3D-printing your everyday office accessories. 

The Circular Economy

Most businesses operate within a “take, make, and toss” framework. When you no longer need something, you dispose of it as waste. However, many small and large businesses are now adopting a circular approach. 

The circular economy involves sharing, reusing, fixing, recycling, and leasing materials and items rather than disposing of them. When you no longer need office goods, you can work with waste-reducing businesses to give your old things new homes and new leases on life. 

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design connects building occupants to nature through direct and indirect natural changes. In previous years, business owners would purchase new plants for their office and say they had mastered biophilic design, but we’re now taking it much further. 

Some companies are using plants as a starting point rather than an end goal. They’re also learning more about natural light, scents, and soundscapes to energize employees and create stress-free working environments. They can then reap an abundance of rewards, the highlights of which are higher staff retention levels, increased productivity, and improved employee happiness. 

Some employers are even investing in circadian lighting to match employees’ internal clocks. This artificial sunrise-to-sunset lighting is ideal for spaces that don’t get adequate sunlight. 

If your office is due for much-needed renovations in the future, now might be the right time to explore some of the cutting-edge sustainability trends above.

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