We won’t leave you hanging if you want to know how many Fansly users will be in 2022.

The adult site is home to 130,000,000 active users and more than 2 million content creators.

It’s a thriving company that welcomes 4,000 new customers every hour. This is how many fans get giddy for spicy Fansly every 60 minutes.

OnlyFans is currently the number one player within the subterfuge porn industry, which boasts 500,000 user additions per day.

The English site, on the other hand, is suggesting that they will remove adult content and provide wholesome, but not sexy entertainment. However, people aren’t taking the bait.

People instead created an extra Fansly account to ensure they had plenty of adult content in case OnlyFans decides to shut down and clean its tracks.

All About Fansly

Fansly, a relatively new site in the adult dating industry, was launched in 2020, four years after OnlyFans took the internet by storm.

The American company entered the market in a perfect moment, despite being a relative newcomer.

It was during the pandemic that people began to rely on porn sites for entertainment because they had little or no access to it.

Fansly has already generated close to $500,000 from subscribers, just two years after it was launched.

How are fans making money? has been ranked #141 in the list of all adult content websites around the globe.

Fansly, like OnlyFans, is entirely dependent on gate revenue. Fansly allows its creators the ability to impose membership levels.

There are different benefits to these tiers. The higher the price, and the more kinkier the content, the better.

Fans can choose which of these options is most appealing to them, or what’s best for their budget.

Users can also choose to pay per-view to access their favorite creators’ exclusive content, instead of paying an annual or monthly premium.

Fansly receives a 20% commission on subscriptions, tips and pay-per view schemes. However, they do not get a cut of requests sent via private chats that are visible in OnlyFans.

This is more than the Patreon competitor’s fee, which is between 5% and 12%.

What is the Average Salary of Fansly Creators?

Fansly is a gem in the rock. Fansly is a diamond in the rocks. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked by its popular rival who gets all of the attention from aspiring artists.

However, fansly accounts make thousands of dollars each month!

Creators typically charge $5-$15 per month for a subscription, which is about the same as OnlyFans.

Fansly doesn’t limit the amount creators can charge.

Gate fees for VIP content can be as high as $200 to $100 per month on some popular accounts.

These lucrative opportunities can make it possible for some creators to earn as high as $10,000 per month.

Small-time creators, on the other hand, earn much less and make between $180 and $250 per month.

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