Five Top Tips For Finding the Best Internet Plan For Students

Can you imagine student-life without the Internet? Well, maybe you can if you are of a certain age! But these days, the Internet is now a quintessential requirement for every student enrolling in college and university. On top of that, the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the relevance of a reliable Internet connection, especially for students who were able to keep up with their studies.

It’s amazing to think that almost every aspect of education can now be handled online – from attending classes and working on projects to completing exams. Therefore, finding a reliable and affordable broadband Internet plan should be top of the list for most students or those pursuing higher studies. But where to start? Even students who are used to spending a lot of their time online might find the task of looking for the best dependable Internet connection with reasonable speeds a bit daunting or overwhelming. This is especially the case when there are so many plan options to choose from and factors to consider such as  speed, price and coverage. This post will hopefully make the process a little easier, offering tips on choosing the best provider and getting the most out of your connection.

  1. Speed

When it comes to Internet usage, speed is essential. It is safe to say you’ll be spending a lot of time online, whether researching, downloading course outlines, uploading projects or collaborating with fellow students on those never-ending group assignments. Not to mention connecting online socially. This is especially true if you are pursuing distance education or taking an online course. You need to know that your Internet connection will not slow down or go down, or let you down! This is  particularly crucial when completing online tests or uploading work  right before a deadline.

If your speeds are slow and you’re constantly waiting for webpages to load, then downloads and online streaming will degrade your user experience significantly. Therefore, students choosing the best broadband Internet plan means first and foremost selecting one with adequate speeds. A speed-to-cost ratio is usually your best bet when selecting the best broadband Internet plan.

  1. Data

Unless you work in video production and need to access and send large files regularly, the course data you need to download is unlikely to be hundreds of gigabytes. But students are not simply researching on the Internet – they are sure to spend a chunk of their time online in this digital age. A lot is happening, there’s a lot to keep up with and check out from social media and online TV streaming to gaming with friends. Keeping all of this in mind, students need to make sure that enough data remains at the end of the month for last-minute document downloads or uploading project submissions!

Another thing to consider when it comes to selecting the best Internet plans for students, is data caps. Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) impose a limit on the data on their plans, which can be an issue if you plan on downloading a lot of content.

  1. Flexibility

Whether you have decided to live on campus, rent your own place, or stay with your family at home, it’s important to keep flexible with your plans. You might need to relocate while studying for numerous reasons, ranging from rising rents to landlord issues or changing family circumstances.. Hence it’s crucial to choose a plan that allows you to pack up and relocate if necessary.

  1. Cost

Even if you live with your parents, the cost is always a factor. For starters, as a student, you have a limited time to work a job outside of class. So, saving money wherever possible is essential, even (or in some cases especially)  when you’re a student dependent on your parents. So, finding a reliable, low-cost Internet service provider offering various plans and deals will certainly help.

Many providers also offer great deals if you’re willing to spend more than a certain amount each month. 

You must also consider the Internet needs of other members of your household when looking for an Internet plan for yourself — your family members or roommates might have different needs than you do! For instance, a student might choose a provider based on the ease of the Internet connection. At the same time, another person might be an avid gamer and want unlimited data or faster speeds. Therefore, it’s essential to have a discussion with all household members before choosing the best Internet plan for all of you.

  1. Location

Where you live is also vital for a reliable and speedy Internet connection, so if you’re considering moving out, you might want to consider the location carefully if a high-speed connection is important to you. While several latency-related factors are generally out of your control, understanding the connection in your preferred area will help you make the best decision. Typically, higher latency is experienced if you live beyond five kilometres from an exchange.


Finally, if you’re relatively new to student broadband plans, ask your provider for a no-lockin plan. This allows you to experience the service first-hand—and if you need to switch, you can do so without hassles! 

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