How to spy on Viber with TheOneSpy Viber spy app

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Viber is a smart featured social media app, as people are vastly moving towards it to enjoy safe conversation with loved ones. Its quality of service and performance attract people. It affords a great degree of security that people share a sensitive conversation without any fear of leakage. 

But people started using negatively, as a sharing of sexual or inappropriate content and involved in crimes like harassment, bullying and such other incidents. And the biggest impact of it was seen in parents from their teens and in businesses from their employees. As such, children were found in sharing sexual content with a friend and employees were found to be the unnecessary use of Viber during working hours. 

So, to protect loved ones or employees from harm, people take the help of spy technology. Spy technology provides advanced software that spies on targeted devices remotely and secretly and catches all information without any movement. TOS is the popular spy software, as it uniquely facilitates users. Let’s look at the TOS spy app for Viber

TOS Spy App for Viber 

TheOneSpy empowers the user to spy on targeted Viber in stealth mode. Its surveillance features enable the user to track all Viber activities of their loved ones or employees. A user can track messages, audio/ video calls, shared content and can get history with right time stamps. 

TOS provides 2 different apps for spying on targeted Viber. Let’s discuss TOS both Viber spying apps in detail. 

  • TheOneSpy Viber Chat Spy App 

As the name of the app shows that it is specifically for those users who want to only spy on targeted Viber conversations. By going through the simple installation process, the user can immediately start monitoring all chats of their loved one or employee. 

With TheOneSpy Viber Chat Spy App, a user can: 

  • Monitor live chatting of the targeted person with anyone. 
  • Track any conversation with time and date. 
  • Get a history of any specific chat or all conversations. 


  • TheOneSpy Viber Screen Recorder 

TOS Viber screen recorder empowers the user to record activities when the user is busy. It allows the user to send a command of automatically recording Viber activities. TOS records Viber activities when the user gets online, and transfers recorded videos at a user’s cloud account. Working people specifically prefer it as they cannot monitor live. So, at the end of the day, they can watch the activities of their people and can prevent them if they are getting involved in useless activities on Viber. 

With TheOneSpy Viber Screen Recorder, a user can: 

  • Monitor all sent and received text/ voice messages. 
  • Track any conversation and can view the time and date. 
  • Spy on logins and contacts as well. 

How is TheOneSpy Viber Spying apps Useful for different users? 

Since the TOS Viber spying apps come, people are getting huge benefits from it. If a user has multiple Viber accounts, the user can detect it as well. Mostly adults and employers are seen in a misusage of Viber. Let’s see how TOS help different users in different situations. 

  • Benefits for Parents 

Parents can protect their kids from being the victim of stalkers. If a kid is dating or sharing sexual content or bullying anyone, so parents can detect it and can take action to stop the kid from doing so. Parents can monitor their kids chatting tone or chatting with an unknown, audio/ video calls and shared media files as well. 

  • Benefits for Individuals 

If an individual is doing some important activities on Viber, he/she can also use it to record activities as proof or for using it later for any purpose. A person who is in relation can also use TheOneSpy Viber spying apps to monitor their partner activities. 

  • Benefits for Employers 

An employer can monitor their employee’s secret conversations on Viber, so they can detect if any faithful employee is not sincere with a company. Management can track an employee Viber usage during working routine by setting alerts. 


Are you worried about your kid or employee secret activities on Viber? So, you don’t have any need to be worry anymore as you can spy on the targeted Viber user with the TOS spy app for Viber. It facilitates users with its unique features and services that’s why most people prefer TOS over other spy apps.

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