Why do Promotional Products Help Get your Business the Attention it Deserves?

Marketers have been using promotional products as a cost-effective tactic for years. Starting from the new businesses to the big enterprises, these giveaways have been marketers’ favorite.

The items such as promotional pens, drinkware, power banks, etc. help in creating brand recall and draw the attention of new customers.

There are multiple benefits of promotional items, and thus, they are so widely used all over the globe.

Benefits of promotional products  

1. Help in brand recognition

Brand recognition or brand identification means that your customers can recognize your company and its business offering merely looking at your tagline, logo, or advertisement. It is all about familiarizing your brand with your prospects and customers while creating your brand image in their minds.

When you give away promotional products, you trigger your audience to recognize and remember your business. More than often it has been seen, that these products are used at least for six months, and every time they use it, your brand gives a mild knock on their mind. Studies say that about 60% of people can easily recall the advertisers of promotional items which they have received in the past two years.

2. Low cost and effective marketing

You might think that advertising campaigns have a wider reach but imagine the incredible price that goes behind designing and ad and distributing the same. And it also comes with a lot of wastage as a good number of people will either not look at the ad or they might have nothing to do with your product.  

Whereas with the availability of multiple ranges of low-cost items, promotional products can reach to their target audience and further at a controlled cost. Every time the recipient uses the bag, he helps in generating brand awareness of your company and does indirect marketing for you.

Moreover, as promotional goods are produced in large numbers, you get a benefit on the cost of production too. 

3. Helps in retaining customer loyalty

Every renowned business is always looking out for ways to gain the trust of their customers and to retain them. Promotional merchandise is that form of marketing which can help in boosting customer loyalty in a short span. 

But, it is essential to make sure that whatever product you give are of quality and always bears your logo, preferably with the tagline too. If you are targeting your prospects, they will immediately start judging your products and services from the promotional item they receive. So, you must never circulate any inferior quality products, and purchase them only from trusted sources. 

Also try to be innovative when selecting the items, as this will have a better impact on your audience.

4. Greater exposure

Do you stand in front of hoarding and try to read every word on it, unless it is very catchy and exciting? But, in that case, also, not many people have the time to stand on the roads to watch a banner.

Now, television – when you see an advertisement, do you watch to swap the channel?

So, most of these marketing strategies grab the attention for a less span, and they are exorbitantly costly. 

However, when you distribute promotional goods such as a notebook, or multi-purpose pen, or a bag with your logo, the user gets reminded of your company every time he uses it. And your brand also gets exposed to a broader audience when it is used. 

An excellent promotional item also gets word-of-mouth advertising, thus creating a positive impact on the minds of your prospects too.

5. Increases sales and generates lead

Promotional goods are one of the most effective and widely used marketing tools because they are reliable lead generators. They create an enduring impression on your existing customers, help you to attract new customers via your existing ones.

When you distribute promotional products to one customer, you encourage him to generate at least five other leads – to some he speaks about your gift, and the others might see him using it. 

Giving a unique touch or adding a personal message is more helpful and can generate lead faster. Thus, increasing your sales and profitability. 


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