When You can Repair and Reuse your Phone rather than throw it Away!

Your smartphones and gadgets are your prized possessions! Especially if you are accustomed to a particular brand or model, you simply can’t bond with any other device! Smartphones are not only our lifelines at present, but also one of our most pricey possessions. It really breaks our heart if something dreadful happens to our precious gadget!

There are often times when these devices stop working. We often start to think of the huge investment that would again be needed for buying a new device of the same brand. But fret not! There are still the chances that your prized phone would start working again. What it needs is just some TLC? If you are an iPhone owner, and are looking for excellent iPhone repair service in Adelaide, Itech Repair prides in providing just that. They have repaired innumerable such devices, employ expert technicians and return your repaired gadgets within a very short span of time. They have a great record of getting even the most damaged phones back to track, making them score pretty high in the genre of customer satisfaction till date.

 Issues which can be repaired instead of replacing the whole device!

Most often when our phone shows issues, we think of buying a new one and throwing the old one in the bin! But, before considering spending a bulk amount on a new one, try to repair your current companion! It’s quite hassle free and relatively low in budget too. You can actually save your device and use it for a while more if these issues are solved instantly.

  • Battery: You get to know your battery is giving issues when there’s a small amount of active usage time between battery charges. Or even if you charge for hours, the graph shows that its life doesn’t go up or your phone may simply shut down! If these factors are consistent, you know your battery is the culprit and your phone can still be used if this is cured. If you are an iPhone user, though in the recent versions of iPhone there is an option in settings that shows the battery health and if it needs repairing, there may be previous versions which don’t have these updates. In this case, you can get your phone checked by a good iPhone repair technician and get your battery replaced through them. (If your iPhone warranty period of two years is over)
  • Screen: Another damage because of which we may think of replacing our phones is broken screen. The screens are actually replaceable quite easily. They of-course aren’t repairable. The moment your screen shows cracks or major signs of breaking, get it replaced by the nearest service provider in your area and your gadget will get a new life instantly.
  • Water Damage: We have an illusion that certain smartphones are waterproof! But that isn’t the whole truth! For example – the newer versions of iPhone are water resistant and not waterproof. And this seal of resistance to liquid can be prone to. Therefore, when your phone gets exposed to a large quantity of liquid or is dropped into a pool, it will show weird signs and stop working ultimately. But that doesn’t mean it’s to be thrown away. This can be repaired and then reused too. If you see water bubbles forming on your screen or moisture in the SIM section or headphone sections of your device, it’s better to let it dry for at-least  48 hours. If still the device doesn’t operate, take it to its doctors, the one who can open the device and check internally about the damage and dry it from within. After the technical process of drying the phone internally, you can be stress-free about its longevity and use it as before!
  • Broken Phone: Apart from the screen, there may be other parts of a device that can be broken too. Either by accidental falling or being crushed by a heavy weight object, all phones including the much-advertised unbreakable iPhone does get broken, and that too badly. If your phone is in such a state, don’t lose hope. Experienced technicians can restore functionality from this point too. This can cost you a little more money, but better investing some amount in giving it a new life than buying a new one altogether.

With proper repairs, and the magic touch of experienced technicians, your smartphones can get a new lease of life!

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