Top High Tech Tools For Your Kitchen

Long gone are the days when you had to ‘slave away’ in the kitchen. Today’s kitchen technology is designed to make every culinary experience more enjoyable, with gadgets and gizmos to make even the most mundane cookery tasks as easy as pie. If your cooking apparatus isn’t quite up to scratch, read on for a guide.

The Tech And Equipment That Every Kitchen Should Include:

A Combination Fridge-Freezer

It’s amazing how many households still rely on a fridge alone. If you’ve yet to invest in a combination fridge-freezer, let this be your first kitchen tech investment. A freezer can save you hundreds of pounds each year on food as you’re able to keep fresh food for longer and save left-overs for extra meals at another time. Freezers are handy for both individuals (who often have to buy larger portions of meat and veg than needed) and families (who can stock up on grocery deals and freeze for later). Reliable fridge-freezer manufacturers include: Smeg, Samsung and Siemens.

A Food Processor

If you enjoy cooking meals from scratch, a food processor is a god send. Let this handy kitchen appliance do the hard jobs like peeling, chopping and whisking! You can use a food processor for everything from, achieving creamy potato to creating perfectly smooth soups. Reliable food processor brands include Magimix and Bosch.

A Vacuum Packer

Make the most of that new freezer by using a vacuum packer too! These clever sealing devices will suck any air out of your food storage bags and ensure that your food can be kept as fresh as possible in the fridge or freezer compartments. Not only is this storage method great for maintaining quality and flavour of your food, but can help reduce the space needed for keeping meat, sauces, pies and vegetables.

A Steam Cooker

Retain maximum nutritional value of your food with the use of a steam cooker. Brilliant for keeping your vegetables bright and crisp, a steam cooker elevates the need for cooking oils and fats ensuring a healthy option each time. Almost all types of food can be cooked with a steam cooker, though vegetables and fish will be the obvious choice, and with their layered design it allows you to leave a whole meal cooking gently in one pot, with no grease, smoke or mess expelled into the kitchen.

A Tablet Computer

If you’ve already treated yourself to a tablet computer, get ready to bring it into the kitchen. It might not be able to complete any food preparation or cooking itself, but an iPad or Kindle can act as an extremely handy tool for keeping track of timings or reading up on your favourite dishes. You no longer need piles of recipe books cluttering your work surfaces, set up a tablet stand and you can have hundreds of recipes all in one place.

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