Top onlyfans earners chart 2022

Key OnlyFans Stats 2022

  • OnlyFans was small when it started but has over 170 million users worldwide and 500,000 new users daily.
  • It became the platform for content creators and influencers during the pandemic. It currently hosts 1.5 million content creators who specialize in different niches.
  • OnlyFans’ top earners make at least $100,000 per month.
  • The average OnlyFans creator has 21 subscribers and makes $151 per month.
  • OnlyFans deducts 20% from every subscription sold and pays the remaining 80% to its creator.
  • OnlyFans has paid more than $2B to creators so far.
  • OnlyFans users pay an average subscription fee of $7.20. 68% offer bundle discounts to help attract new subscribers.

Chart of Top OnlyFans Earners 2022

This chart shows you the top earners at OnlyFans and their monthly income.

The OnlyFans top earners can usually be seen redirecting their followers to OnlyFans. This is how many celebrities can be identified.

Let’s take a look at the earnings details of OnlyFans’ top earners to get a better understanding.

Blac Chyna

Monthly Earning $20 Million

Monthly Subscription Rate: $19.99

Blac China (real name Angela Renee White) is a reality TV star and social media entrepreneur who joined OnlyFans in April 2020 as a creator.

Celebrity of 33 has posted 155 posts and received around 16000 likes to her OnlyFans page.

She has 16.1million Instagram followers, who were directed to her OnlyFans page by a $19.99 monthly fee.

She has been able to rise to the top in terms of earnings via OnlyFans.

Bella Thorne

Monthly Earning : $11 Million

Monthly Subscription Rate: No Charge

Bella Thorne, an American actress, model, writer, and singer joined OnlyFans in august 2019.

She shared a video montage on her Instagram account, and she announced her debut at OnlyFans.

Her immediate success made her headlines as she became the first content creator on OnlyFans and the first to earn $1 million within 24 hours of signing on.

Her followers number 24.3 million. She used to charge $9.99 per month for a subscription, which was $11 million.

Her account has been resubscribed at no cost.

The young actress and singer isn’t content to just share nudity. She likes to share her personal content with her subscribers, including images and videos that she has never seen before.

By posting her music videos on her page, she gives OnlyFans subscribers a taste of her music videos before the mainstream launch.

Her rapidly growing fanbase on OnlyFans is due to the fact that she responds to every DM from each of her followers.

Cardi B

Monthly Earning $9.43 Million

Monthly Subscription Rate: $4.99

Cardi B, the WAP rapper signed up for OnlyFans in summer 2020.

Her main purpose in launching OnlyFans was to share WAP video behind-the scenes footage with rumors and her personal life with OnlyFans subscribers.

Even though she has only posted 6 times since then the rapper has attracted more than 81 million subscribers.

She paid a subscription fee that was significantly less than other creators, but she still managed to earn the third spot on the OnlyFans top earners list.


Monthly Earning $7.69 Million

Monthly Subscription Rate (before account deletion): $20

American rapper Tyga (real name Micheal Ray-Stevenson) has reached the fourth spot on the OnlyFans top earners chart. He deleted his account in order to launch a new platform.

The platform allowed him to share many images from his extracurricular activities, private parties, and videos showing his music skills and behind-the scenes footage of his music videos.

With all these posts, he had attracted 21.6 million followers who were happy to pay the $20 monthly subscription fee and helped Tyga make huge revenue.

Mia Khalifa

Monthly Earning $6.42 Million

Monthly Subscription Rate: $12.99

OnlyFans was created with few restrictions in order to provide a platform for creators from different niches. However, OnlyFans gained its popularity from the posting of adult content.

Mia Khalifa has 22.7 million followers and is ranked number one on OnlyFans.

Mia, a Lebanese-American media personality, and an adult entertainer was able to post spicy, but safe content. Her subscribers paid $12.99 per month.

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