We’ve made it easy to get back on Instagram

This message is from Instagram to inform you of unsuccessful attempts to log into your Instagram account.

It’s displayed whenever anyone else uses the password recovery tool to open an Instagram account.

This message does NOT mean that your Instagram account is compromised. This message could also indicate that someone tried to open your Instagram account.

Why do I keep seeing the “we’ve made Instagram easy to get back on Instagram!” message?

You may have received this message for one of four reasons. These are:

  • You tried to log in to your Instagram account
  • Someone tried to sign into your Instagram account.
  • It’s a brute force attack
  • It’s a phishing attack or malicious message

You attempted to log in to your account

You may have tried to sign into your Instagram account but failed to do so. You may have entered the wrong password or username while trying to sign in to your Instagram account.

If you are unable to sign in, make sure you check your caps lock.

This could lead to you using capital letters rather than small letters. A password manager likeĀ LastPass, or KeyChain is an option.

A password manager saves you the effort of entering your password manually every time. This helps you avoid mistakes and typos.

Someone attempted to log into your account

Another reason could be that someone tried to sign in to your Instagram profile.

Do not be alarmed, it is possible that someone’s username matches yours and they may have accidentally typed the wrong spelling.

This could be your partner, your children, or friends. It could be a rogue signing up if no one can access your account.

In such cases, you will need to quickly change your password and activate two-factor authentication.

It is a brute force attack

If you receive a lot of emails such asĀ “We made it easy for you to get back on Instagram”, it may be possible that this is a brute-force attack.

This is an automated attack in which the attacker attempts to guess your password. They will continue to submit your login credentials until they find the correct username and password.

These attacks are usually carried out by computer networks that target thousands of Instagram users.

These people buy password lists from leaked sources that include frequently used passwords.

If your Instagram password and email address from another service are online, a brute force attack could be launched against you.

You might also be very popular or have an Instagram account that is worth a lot of effort.

These are two ways to avoid brute force attack:

  • You can activate two-factor authentication (or 2FA) on your Instagram account
  • Use a unique password you have never used in another application or service.

It is a phishing attack (malicious message)

Even though the message appears real, it could be fake. It would be best if you were cautious online.

Phishing emails contain a link to a website that hackers have managed.

It is hidden with the platform that you use, which in your case is Instagram.

It is fake, even though you may think it is authentic. Hackers use sophisticated techniques to make the Instagram message appear legitimate.

It does this by giving it the look and feel of an Instagram email. This includes the layout, colors and logo.

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