Accidentally Spilled Water on your Macbook? Here’s What you can do (No Need to Panic)

Many times, unfortunate incidences take place. You need to act instantly and take necessary steps. Accidentally many users often spill water on their Macbooks when working. In most cases, individuals are not aware of how to respond to this incident. Disaster can undoubtedly happen at any time, but it is more important to act instantly to that situation.

Avoid panic reaction

Panic at any time has to be avoided as this is not the right solution. It is also certain that in most cases, panic results prove less helpful. Even if you have spilled water on your favorite Macbook, it is essential to take necessary steps immediately, then to panic and waits for the situation to take control of you.

Follow quick steps

There are a few essential steps that can be done immediately to take full control of this situation. These steps also prove helpful for the survival of your Macbook. Once these steps have been made, then you can ensure that your Macbook is safe and secure from further damage.

Let’s look at steps that need to be taken immediately if you spill water on your MacBook

1. Unplug first

One of the key things that you need to keep in mind is that your Macbook could be connected to a source of electricity. This can be dangerous for you as well, and so you need first to unplug the power supply. So if any cord is connecting your Macbook to the source of power supply, then it has to be unplugged immediately. This step has to be taken directly before your Macbook shorts out.

2. Turn off your device

Even if your Mackbook is still running without being connected to the mains power supply, you need to switch it off immediately. There are chances that if unnoticed, your Macbook could still be left switched on by mistake. This could permanently damage your Macbook such that it may not be of any use. 

3. Try flipping your device

As the water might have spilled all over the Macbook, so it may inevitably enter inside and affect the internal components. To avoid this, you should try and immediately flip it up-side-down. This simple technique will prove helpful so that any excess water left inside will run out. This will ensure that the water does not seep deep inside the circuit. 

This is also one of the best ways to prevent any internal components from being further damaged. You can search online for Apple service center Auckland immediately and run for the help of a professional.

4. Leave the screen open

There are chances that the water may some time to dry out completely, and so you have to leave the screen open under fresh air for some time will prove helpful. This will also prevent water from entering the filter.

Always keep in mind that the screen is very much sensitive and can quickly get damaged. Replacing your screen can also cost you more money as compared to any other component. It is also essential that you should try and follow all the above instructions instantly to avoid maximum damage.

5. Remove internal battery

Your Macbook is always connected to the internal battery system that offers it with back up for many hours. The next step that you need to do is to try and remove the internal battery from your Macbook. Always keep in mind that the source of current including the battery has to be removed as soon as possible to avoid malfunctioning of the Macbook.

6. Dab using a dry cloth

When dabbing your Macbook always ensure that you make use of sterile cotton cloth or tissue paper. This will ensure that all excess water has been soaked up by the fabric or tissue paper. This step is essential for the survival of your Macbook.

Even if all the above steps have been carried out correctly, try and avoid using it or connecting to a source of electricity for the next two or three days. This step will offer sufficient time for the water to dry up entirely from the inside.

Once all above mentioned first aid steps have been performed, you should try and take the Macbook to the nearest service center for a final inspection.

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