ChatGPT Vs. Bard: which is better for coding code?

Generative AI has tangible benefits for programmers. It makes writing and debugging more accessible, which is great for our busy lives. There are competing tools such as Bard and chatGPT . Which one should I use?

These tools are compared to each other and a battle is waged in order to determine which device has the most features for programmers.

ChatGPT vs Bard: What is the difference?Both are very similar in terms of their capabilities. ChatGPT can be used by programmers for

Suggestions Both models suggest the correct syntax for functions, parameters and other code constructs.

Complete: This program can finish the code you started.

DebuggingIt helps you to identify problems and errors in your code.

Explanation It will explain code generated by the Explainer or code entered.

Both models were trained using a large dataset that included Common Crawl and Wikipedia, as well as books, articles, documents and scraped content from the Internet. Bard was introduced on web conversations and dialogues, while ChatGPT mainly used scraped content.

Both products are under development. Bard is a little more than ChatGPT. To show that these differences are essential in a real-world sense, let’s see how they perform when tested against one another.

Test ChatGPT vs Bard

We selected seven categories for testing the chatbots, based on our opinion of what was most important: code generation and problem solving, refactoring, debugging, third-party extensions/UI plugins, ease of use and cost. This is not a scientific comparison. It’s a few tests and our experience.

Code generation

What we really want it for is the bread and butter, right? We used the following prompt to do this: “Write in Python a function that returns a 100-number list of prime numbers.”

Bard’s attempt at coding

Does it look good, but do you know if it works? Chatbots have been known to create code that does not execute, and even invent new functions. It’s for this reason that having AI generated code in production without human oversight is a bad idea. Let’s try it and see.

Bard didn’t give us as much detail about the code. It’s almost identical when comparing what Bard and ChatGPT produced. Did they look at each other’s homework or was it a case of them comparing notes?

Bard didn’t give us as much detail about the code. It’s almost identical when comparing what Bard and ChatGPT produced. Did they look at each other’s homework or was it a case of them comparing notes?

.. It works! It’s a good thing, since the answer is almost identical to ChatGPT.

It’s hard to choose between the two when it comes to solving problems. ChatGPT is a better option for learning to fish than letting ChatGPT do it for you. ChatGPT has given us an excellent overall experience: you not only get a solution to your problem but ChatGPT also walks you through the process.

Refactoring Code

Imagine you’re looking for a better way to accomplish something. These tools can be used to provide a fresh perspective on your code. Unlike your teammates, these tools will always be free to use and are ready to review your code. Let’s check it out! Here is the sample that we have provided.

ChatGPT has given us an incredibly vague answer. It explains the code in a mysterious way and suggests that you use a ternary operators, which is okay and well worth checking out. It feels as though it could have done more. See how Bard approaches the same task.

Problem Solving

Let’s look at how these LLMs solve a particular problem. Let’s give them a problem from Leetcode, rather than asking them to just write a generic code.

You can write JavaScript code to enhance all arrays so that you can use the variety.last() function on any display, and it will return its last element. If the collection contains no elements, then it should return

ChatGPT is a problem-solving tool.

ChatGPT seems to have solved the issue on the first attempt! It’s now time for Bard, the king of poetry to take over.

Bard’s Problem Solving

Wow! ChatGPT is just like cheese compared to Bard. Bard clearly went above and beyond. It not only offers optimized code but also shows code that creates a benchmark and shows benchmark results.

Bard has a better refactoring ability in general. This is partly because Bard is a Large Language Model and also uses search engine data, while ChatGPT currently is just an LLM. ChatGPT currently beta-tests a “Search with Bing” feature, and is rolling this out to users for free. So ChatGPT could become much better at refactoring codes very soon. Bard wins the race for now.

Debugging Assistance

Bugs are a part of everyday life. We’ll throw a clearly flawed piece of code to both tools and see how they react. Try to spot the error before Bard and ChatGPT do! Here is the prompt that we used: Fix the code below. Fix any errors that may occur with the code.

ChatGPT responded by saying that we should add logic to avoid a “ZeroDivision” error. It explains how to do this and gives an option. Bard is next.

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