BlackBerry Storm 9500 – Full Phone Specifications

The Blackberry Storm is the first touch screen phone from the Blackberry. The phone created a good hype even before its launch making it most coveted. The phone has all the features a smart phone has today.

Features And Specifications Of Storm

The Blackberry Storm is a 5.6 ounce 4.4 inch x 2.4 inch x 0.5 inch smart phone boasting of 480×360 pixels resolution screen. The 65K colours in the 3.25 inch VGA display are bright and bold. The screen gives an overall great performance in terms of picture clarity. For the touch screen facilities SurePress has been used by Blackberry. One of the great features of the phone is that it facilitates backlight adjustments according to the lighting conditions in the surroundings.The menu layout is movement sensing enabled. As soon as you rotate or turn the screen into another direction the menu will be displayed according to the motion sensed by the phone. On a touch of an option given in the menu a QWERTY keyboard will be opened in the front of the user. This facility makes messaging all the more simple.

Also in the messaging section font size and type can also be changed according to the user’s wish and needs. For viewing anything in enlarged form double taps are sufficient. For viewing other pages of a website or any document a soft swiping of the finger is required to flip the page. All such facilities provided by SurePress are greatly appreciated by the users.Shortcuts to networking sites and well known URLs are preloaded in the Blackberry Operating System 4.7 of the phone. The phone has a 3.5 mm headphone jack with music to be played in the desired modes as set by the users. Just as the Blackberry Curve, in this handset too MS Office files can be viewed by the users. A USB Cable for transferring of the files is available with the handset. The 3G network has been provided by Verizon which makes downloading of applications smooth. One can access 4 email accounts at the same time in Blackberry Storm handset. Various photo and media formats are supported by the handset. Bluetooth 2.0 is also available. The phone boasts of an expandable memory up to 16GB with 128 MB of internal memory.

Performance od Storm

The blackberry Storm has Lithium Ion 1400 mAh battery with a not so great talk time of about 5.5 hours. The phone has observed to get heated up while recharging the phone which sometimes becomes a matter of concern for the users.Although it has a micro SD/SDHC card slot expandable up to 16 GB but at installing one the phone’s performance dips down to a great level. The phone remains smooth and quick with an 8 GB memory card.

The Verdict!

The Blackberry Storm continues to create a storm among the users with its quick and smooth use of the applications and a great performance while accessing the World Wide Web.


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