HP EliteBook 6930p Notebook PC Specifications

The business features loaded HP Elite Notebook 6930p is shock proof, secure and data friendly laptop for people always on the move. The laptop is just 4.7 pound in weight with a smart metallic look and an aluminium skin texture to boast off. The screen is 14.7 inch wide with aqua LED features giving it an ultra modern feel.The new HP rugged notebook  has a light weight magnesium alloy for its strengthened body. Some laptops have been witnessed to bend after sometime; here the HP Elite Notebook 6930p steals the show. The hard drive has a unique feature of bouncing within the system if it senses shock. This proves to be a great boon as the chances of losing data are very minimal. The laptop can withstand even atmospherically unfavourable surroundings which creates problems in other laptops. Thanks to HP Elite Notebook 6930p’s proven tough exterior.

Features, Specifications And Performance

The facility of finger print sensing is inbuilt in the system before starting with the booting. Privacy manager helps you send instant messages through the internet. These features will operate only when you change the settings as per your needs. The File Sanitizer Applet is again a beneficial feature for the smooth and fast performance of the operating system as it makes sure that the files once deleted are actually fully deleted from the system letting the memory be free from its burden. This can sometime pose to be a problem in case you need to recover the file.Other features of the laptop include the icon ‘I’ for launching HP Info Centre for trouble shooting and for knowing more about any of the features provided by the system. For Presentation settings also another shortcut key has been given on the keyboard. The laptop comes with Windows Vista Business OS, excellent for business and corporate officials.

For writing CDs and DVDs Roxio Creator Business and for playing the DVDs Inter Video Win DVD is installed in the system. The DVD burner is capable of burning multi formatted DVDs. HP Connection Manager and HP Wireless Assistant have been given too for internet connections.Presto Biz Card Electronic Rolodex and HP Protect Tools Security Manager are two very useful soft-wares for recovery of the lost data, passwords and for verifying the fingerprints touched at the start up of the operating system. The laptop with its too many features can be a little confusing for people at times and useless for people with basic needs.The HP Elite Book 6930p has an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3450 Grahpics card, a multi card reader, three USB Ports, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, High Speed 3G and a Fire Wire Connector too. The laptop has 2 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, Intel GMA 4500 MHD graphics chip with 2.4 GHz processor.


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