City or Suburbs: 5 Questions to Help You Determine Where to Base Your Small Business

Location is one of the biggest challenges any new small business can face. It’s not always easy to know where to base yourself, and you want to be sure of your decision since rent will likely be one of your most significant monthly expenses. 

If you’re getting ready to make that critical choice, here are some of the many questions you might like to ask yourself before you go full steam ahead with signing on the dotted line. 

Where Are My Customers Located?

Many people start looking for cheap office space for rent in Melbourne, New York, Paris, and other major cities without asking themselves the all-important question: where are my customers located? 

While this is less of an essential consideration for businesses with online customers, it can be pivotal for those who frequently welcome clients into their business environment. Think about who is currently on your books and the type of people you hope to welcome onboard in the future. Their locations might make it easier for you to narrow down your office options. 

How Many Staff Do I Have?

Offices come in all different shapes and sizes and are designed to suit a certain number of people. Think about how many full-time, part-time, and casual staff you have to determine the type of office you need and the most suitable location. 

The number of staff you have can impact your decision more than you think, particularly regarding driving distance, parking spaces and costs, and desk room.

Do I Allow Walk-In Customers?

If you’re running a coffee shop, you rely on walk-in customers to make money. If you operate a coffee roastery, you may have no interaction with members of the public at your premises at all. Customer-facing companies need to set up their premises in an area that experiences plenty of foot traffic, but that might not be as much of a consideration for non-customer-facing businesses. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there can be a significant rental price difference for a central office compared to one on the outskirts of a major city. 

Do I Need Access to Particular Features and Services?

Part of the decision-making process when finding where to base your small business can involve the features and services you need to be able to access. For example, you might need a conference room to meet with clients or wheelchair access for your staff members. 

You might also wish to be within walking distance of public transport and local cafes and restaurants to wine and dine your clients. These features and services could all be relevant as you decide on the type of office you choose and its location. 

What Technology Do I Need?

Technology has evolved rapidly, and we no longer need to fly halfway around the world to meet with our clients. Instead, we can talk to them over a video call without spending a dime. 

However, not all buildings are set up for such technology to work at its best. Before choosing a location or premises, find out more about the internet connection and other significant advancements that are non­-negotiable for your business to function at its best. If you frequently check in with a remote team, this can be even more crucial than you think. 

There can be a lot to consider when you’re choosing a new location for your business. Don’t sign on the bottom line without asking yourself at least a few of these questions. They might just help you decide whether or not a particular office space is suitable for you now and into the future.

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