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  • Utilizing History to Make Better Decisions

    Decision-making is probably the most important aspect of any working professional. Tough situations call on making well-informed decisions. Every visit to a doctor requires an analysis of history, symptoms, and professional intuition before making a vital recommendation. However, in a global environment, where regular travel can often be central in a person’s life, visiting the same doctor may not always be possible. Without access to a patient’s full medical history, a doctor is missing one of the most important components to make a proper decision.

    To solve this problem, governments and health professionals are hard at work to introduce and perfect a system of Electronic Medical Records. This type of system would make it possible for a health professional to have quick access to a patient’s medical history even when that patient is not visiting his/her regular doctor. In addition, in extenuating circumstances when a specialist is required, the specialist would now have a full picture of a person’s medical history. This can potentially help in making a better-informed analysis and thus a more accurate decision.

    Now the question each and every single one of us should be asking is “Why is it taking so long for this system to become operational?” Similar types of systems have been available for years in public libraries, banks, police records, etc. Is health care somehow less important?


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